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                About us

                Xian xin Hong Kong energy engineering technology co., LTD. On October 24, 2014, registered in xi 'an, chairman of the board of directors is Liu Jielin, the company registered capital of 58 million yuan, my company is located in xi 'an in shaanxi area not ended Zhu Honglu lotus H6 zijin sunshine village - room 1801, the company is mainly engaged in mine engineering construction, energy engineering and technical services, foreign labor service export, etc. There is a sales and technical team, the company has been developing rapidly, we can provide customers with good technical support and perfect after-sales service, xian xin Hong Kong energy engineering technology co., LTD is a domestic mine industry well-known enterprises, in January 2014 and Albania ALBCHROMI - co., LTD. Signed BULQIZA chrome mine shaft engineering no. 9, explore the international market.


                Technical advantages

                The company has long been engaged in mine tunnel engineering construction, strong technical force, with qualifications, and has a long-term strategic cooperation agreement with China Coal Science and Engineering Group. Company existing staff 200 people, including engineering technology, economic management personnel 33 people, senior engineer 20 people, engineer 16 people, the project manager 8 people, among them: 2 qualified project manager, complete construction equipment, tools, have integral sliding template, umbrella drill stand more than mechanized shaft construction of complete sets of equipment, such as a drill suppling rotary drills and piecewise blast shaft-formirg construction equipment;
                Rock drilling trolley, rock loading machine, electric scraper, concrete conveying pump, concrete jet machine, vertical claw rock loading machine, shuttle car, skip and other mechanized supporting construction equipment of drift, inclined shaft and chamber. There are also construction tunnel engineering, large earthwork engineering blasting technology, loading and transportation equipment, and forging, pressing, cutting, cutting, bending, roll and other metal processing equipment and a full set of electronic control debugging, quality testing instruments. The company follows the "quality first, customer first, abide by the contract, pay attention to the reputation" business purposes, wholeheartedly for the construction unit service!





                Honor Certificate


                Chairman's speech

                  2017 is a year of great significance for the development of the Group. In this year, with their hard work, extraordinary talent and the spirit of pursuing excellence, we have overcome one difficulty after another and created one wonderful record after another: from nothing, the enterprise scale has been expanding steadily. The achievements of the company are the result of everyone's unity and hard work. Here, please let me, on behalf of the company, express our heartfelt thanks to all the employees and friends who have made outstanding contributions.... More